Denver Lighting Company was founded by Mel Haynes, Jr. As a photographer of Mel Haynes Photography, he wanted to expand his visual media skills and peruse his life long dream of making films.

Denver Lighting Company works with artists to create demo reals, music videos, events, and short films without using a megaphone or wearing a French baret. This may turn off many potential clients, but none of us sit in a director’s chair either. The dream is to sit back and look at monitors all day, but we are more hands on with our product and do our best to make every experience professional, but enjoyable at the same time.

You don’t need giant crews of people to make great content, but you do need people that know how to turn on the camera and hit record at the right moment. Lighting is good too. We do that (its in our name?). Thank you for putting up with this small bio page. Its never easy trying to describe one’s self without feeling too self centered and arrogant. We hope our work speaks for itself and know we care about our projects more than life itself.