Official Mick E. Mouse Music video release

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We are excited to release the music video for The D featuring Burgundy and Treyy G.

Red Tide Rising music video for their song Unholy

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We are pleased to release the music video for Red Tide Rising.

Red Tide Rising commercial

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I was asked to shoot some footage of the band Red Tide Rising at a venue as well as of them rehearsing in order to create a short commercial for their Inferno – The Experience tour. This 1 minute commercial was put together for them to post online and create interest in their tour.

Aerialist Demo Reel

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I recently got the opportunity to film a demo reel for aerialist, Adrienne Jadwinski. When I was asked to do this, I went and did some research to see what a typical aerial demo would look like. I had some shot ideas that came to mind and just looked around to see if anyone had […]

Canon 5D low light footage

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I use this site as well as my photography site to help small business build their brand and give them a more professional presence on the web and through their promotional material. My first project was to get Denver Dance up and make them stand out from the other dance studios in the Denver area. […]

In the Beginning…

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So, I have to admit. I have done some promotional work using “moving pictures”. I helped Wikked Evolution with their web site as well as video content. The demo reel I filmed for them was my first time ( for real this time ). I used a little canon camcorder and shot it in the […]

Demo reel for

Its hard work creating “moving pictures”. There is a lot more involved than there is in photography. Some of my skills translate……and some dont. For one thing, don’t try and go “portrait” mode when shooting film. It just confuses people. I do really enjoy the craft though and even though I have some ways to […]

Denver Lighting Company’s first film

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Denver Lighting Company won 1st runner up in the 2010 24 Hour FilmRacing contest held in Denver for the first time. This is the first film by Denver Lighting Company’s founder, Mel Haynes, Jr so even placing was an amazing achievement. The film also won the categories of Best Cinematography and Best Editing, which is […]