Bloody Disgusting posts article on our music video for Jonathan Tiersten

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Probably the top horror site out there and one of my favorites posted the release of our music video. Check out the link below Sleepaway Camp’s Jonathan Tiersten Releases Music Video

Release of music video for Jonathan Tiersten

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We are proud to release the first ever music video for actor/musician Jonathan Tiersten’s.The song “The Princess” is from his new EP. Produced by Groovey TV and directed by Mel Haynes, Jr.

The next big project – part 1

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Its Saturday and I have work to do, but I wanted to take a moment to jot some thoughts down. Late last year, an idea came up regarding a “what if” scenario. It was a cool thought and Marguerite and I talk about it once in a while. She watches a lot of reality shows […]

Red Tide Rising – Finding Home

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This is my second music video. I shot this over the summer on my own. We went around several locations around Denver. More posts to come regarding this video as I have learned soo much from doing this. Special thanks for the guys and gal at Red Tide Rising

Red Tide Rising Music Video Release Date

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Just a quick update. I found out that the music video for Finding Home will be released September 24th at the Oriental Theater in Denver. I am very excited….and nervous, but wow another great premiere for my work. I just assume I get it played a couple of times on Youtube, so this is almost […]

ASiEL’s single “East Side” released

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Last night was the premiere of ASiEL‘s new single “East Side”. It was held at Tracks night club where it played to a full house. I was there along with the cast of the film. ASiEL made an amazing spectacle of this video. I was expecting to do it for him and have it released […]

Denver Dance tutorial videos

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The process of creating a series of short video tutorials for Denver Dance. The idea is to give the readers a new dance each week so that they may learn some quick steps in tap hip hop and pole. This entry describes the hip hop tutorials.

Demo reel for

Its hard work creating “moving pictures”. There is a lot more involved than there is in photography. Some of my skills translate……and some dont. For one thing, don’t try and go “portrait” mode when shooting film. It just confuses people. I do really enjoy the craft though and even though I have some ways to […]

Denver Lighting Company is live

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Its a simple site so far, but once I get more time I will be updating this site with much more content