Denver Lighting Company’s first film

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Denver Lighting Company won 1st runner up in the 2010 24 Hour FilmRacing contest held in Denver for the first time. This is the first film by Denver Lighting Company’s founder, Mel Haynes, Jr so even placing was an amazing achievement. The film also won the categories of Best Cinematography and Best Editing, which is an honor and a shock. Below is a link to the film and we are working on a blog post about the making of this film.

Saving the Date – Denver Film Race 2010

Shot with a Canon 5D that was rented from and a trial version of Premiere Pro ( which we just bought ), the short was written, shot, edited, and scored in 24 hours. It was a tough competition, but we were all proud of our work and excited to see it on the big screen. Stay tuned for more

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