Below are videos done by Denver Lighting company. These videos are to help promote local businesses, craft short films, or just silly things we do for fun.

Lemon Tree Trailer Part 1

The Otherside – Red Tide Rising

The Princess – Jonathan Tiersten and Ten Tiers Ft. Mitch Dezwarte

The D – Mick-E-Mouse. Fun (and NSFW due to language and adult situations) video to launch the new song from this new group.

Denver Dance Commercial – Created this video so new students could get a feel for the vibe of the classes offered and where the studio is located

Red Tide Rising – Finding Home. Music video this haunting song by this young badass Denver band

Red Tide Rising – Unholy. Music video for their song from their first EP

Aerial Demo for Adrienne Jadwniski. This demo reel was to help showcase Adrienne’s too-many-to-count performance skills. Luckily we limited it to hoop, silk, and spanish web

Keeping the Date – shot in 24 hours for the Denver Film Race of 2010
This short film won best cinematography and best editing and was the first short story directed by Mel Haynes Jr.

Denver Dance Promotional Reel
Shot and edited in a day, this reel was filmed to help promote Denver Dance’s talents in tap, hip hop, and pole dance instruction.

Denver Dance Tutorial Opener
Created a quick opener for all the tutorials that Denver Dance is creating for their weekly tutorials. This opener was created in After Effects using existing footage and some custom grunge textures I created in Photoshop.

Denver Dance – Online Tutorials
To help drive students to Denver Dance, a new dance step is published to instruct students on beginning dance moves. Intro was done in house using After Effects.