Client: Myself
Project: Test out a camera upgrade option and put it through its paces
Completion: Afternoon of filming.
Notable Tidbits:
– Shot in a small dance studio with 1 light. Table was just an old particle board laying in the backyard.Light was just a cheep Home Depot shop light.
– First time using the Canon C100, but wanted to see how it worked in low light
– Spent a lot of time in the fireplace burning things to create that great fire sound.
– The radio is just the actor turning up the brightness on an iphone leaning on a yoga block.

I rented the Canon C100 for a week to see how much of an upgrade it would be from my Canon 5D MII. I wanted a more dedicated camera for creating films and this was a great option. I write a script for a trailer for a movie that I have had burning in my brain for quite some time. This footage is part 1 of 3 for the trailer. I ran out of time and couldn’t get part 2 and 3 together. I also used the camera for filming a live show. My wife runs the dance troupe that dances for the largest drag show in the country at Tracks in Denver. The camera was great and the detail and color grading I was able to get out of it was much better than what I am using today. I had this attached to an Atmos Ninja to get the proRes goodness ( and use it as a secondary monitor ).

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