Client: Red Tide Rising
Project: RTR wanted a music video for one of their latest songs from the new Album, The Rising
Completion: One day of filming in the warehouse. About a week working with the band to get the edit down
Notable Tidbits:
– The whole video was filmed in one location. We used different parts of the warehouse to get the variety we needed
– GoPro set up in a high location was just used for a timelapse, but decided to use it as a “security camera” angle.
– As most projects, one camera, one person doing all the work. I haul my own gear, set it up, film it, pack up, go home, nap
– shot of the rotation of the drummer was just a hand hold of the camera spinning. To smooth it out, Adobe Premiere Warp Stabilizer was a life saver.

This video was very simple to film. The most direction I got was they wanted to film a light side and a dark side that can be switched back and forth. Most music video shoots require the band to play the song multiple times to get the angles and variety that keep a music video energetic and exciting. If you stay in one shot too long, the audience gets bored. Being a one-man-band, it requires more work from the band, but these guys are pros and nail it each time so its easy to line up in post. They play to a track so there is no variations in the song and it makes lining things up much easier. If you ever shoot a music video, don’t ever have the band just play without a track.

This video probably took 5 or 6 play through of the song and then some separate shots of the lead singer in the other parts of the warehouse.

The band was very involved in the edit of the song. I brought the footage to their house and we went through and did a rough edit. This was the first time they had much input on the edit so there was a lot of back and forth to get the final look.

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