Why Denver Lighting Company?

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My name is Mel Haynes, Jr. and I am a photographer. I have loved filmmaking since as long as I can remember. As a kid I would make short films and stop animations ( using a home video camera and pressing start/stop real fast ) and would enjoy every minute of it. I have spent the last few years as a photographer making 1 frame stories, but the call of the moving picture has been pulling at me for a long time. I bought a Canon XL1 off e-bay and have filmed some events and made a couple of demo reels for www.wikkedevolution.com, but my real break came when I found a link to a 24 hour film contest in Denver. I rented a Canon 5D and borrowed some lenses and produced my first short film.

The mission of Denver lighting Company is to produce content for businesses and artists requiring video content. I will continue to produce films, but I would like to make a living in this industry if possible. I will be writing up the company’s mission statement later on, but this is just a start to a great ride that I hope you will follow along with. Thanks for reading.


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